The United States to retain the domain name root server control of key sectors to use CN

The United States government recently issued a statement, the U.S. Department of Commerce will insist on Internet domain name root server (rootserver) monitoring right, implied information of this statement is: the ultimate control of the United States will continue to grasp the global internet. A stone hit a thousand waves, the network information security issues once again become the focus of the Internet industry. The day before, ICANN (ICANN) only a China membership director, computer network information center Chinese science researcher Qian Hualin said: "the United States for the first time this move will mean that generic top-level domain names (such as.Com,.Net etc.) there are security risks, some key departments in China, such as CCTV, should be used China top-level domain"

money members that this statement in the United States broke the global Internet security of fantasy, if I-CANN is in fact only to the United States "a responsible government", once the United States and other countries clashed, can stop the parsing of the country from the international domain name technology, the registered.Com the government will be able to access the enterprise website; in addition, if the United States to intercept the generic top-level domain name analytic message (TCP / IP protocol to transmit electronic paper, head of instruction) can statistical communication behavior. This means that the other country’s network is likely to lose security protection.

so suggestions: "some money director department of our country should adopt the CN domain name, and as an important carrier of China’s information dissemination, local media should focus on the use of propaganda and CN domain." Statistics, currently in the 31 provincial TV stations (except for Hong Kong and Macao), (Beijing), (Shandong), (Jiangsu), (Guangdong) and other 19 television stations have been using the.Cn domain as a primary and widely publicized. Anhui TV has integrated as its own brand logo. On the contrary, as the domestic media leader CCTV has yet to move. It is understood that during the two sessions this year, NPC deputies and CPPCC members have suggested that the CCTV switch to CN domain name as the main domain name, but so far, CCTV has not yet responded. In this regard, the money director hopes to become an example of the national media CCTV, China’s network information security obligations.

money director introduction, in extreme cases, the Internet architecture of.Cn China is capable of guaranteeing in China territory unimpeded. Through the establishment of a root server or the use of an existing root server mirror, when the network is isolated in the emergency situation, where the domain name registered in.Cn, you can still use the root server, >

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