Why did the founder fail Learn to jump out of the product CEO dilemma

Tencent Francisco (David) in Beijing on August 11th news, according to foreign media reports, the well-known Silicon Valley venture capitalists · Horowitz (Ben Horowitz) recently published an article that the company founder and CEO is not easy, especially vulnerable to the CEO dilemma". To solve this problem, we need to grasp the "participation" and "exit"".

the following is the main content of the article:

This is Horowitz

· venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz co-founder and partner was Opsware (previously called Loudcloud, has been acquired by HP) and co-founder of CEO, has also worked in the Netscape Department of a number of products. He currently serves on a number of corporate boards, including Capriza, Foursquare, Jawbone, Lytro, Magnet, NationBuilder, Okta, Rap Genius, SnapLogic and Tidemark.

because I was a major advocate of the founder’s own management company, so when there is failure to lead the development of company founder, was replaced by CEO or occupation, many people will send email to me. Ben, what’s going on? I think the founders should have done better. Would you like to update your own "why do we love CEO"


in reply to these messages, I would say: No, I will not rewrite the article, but I want to re. There are three main reasons for the failure of the founder in managing his own company:

1, founder simply do not want to serve as CEO. Not all inventors want to run a company, and if you don’t want to be CEO, your chances of success are low. CEO management skills are difficult to grasp, so if you do not have a strong will, the founder will encounter failure. If you’re a founder who doesn’t want to be a CEO, it doesn’t matter, but you have to understand that in order to give yourself and others pain.

2, the board of panic. Sometimes the founders do not want to serve as CEO, but the board saw him make a mistake, will feel panic, and hasty replacement. This is a tragedy, but it is very common.

3, product CEO dilemma (Product CEO Paradox). Many founders will fall into the product CEO dilemma. I’ll explain it.

a friend of mine, who led his company from nothing to more than $1 billion in annual revenue, is committed to the development of the product sector. He is personally involved in every detail of the company’s product planning and execution. This approach has been very effective when the company employs around 500 people. Later, with the company rules

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