The electricity supplier shuangshier reengineering to the mobile client to day

last week, "Twelve promotion has just ended, issued a set of" double eleven "styles of data: 2 million 640 thousand seller on that day in December 12th realized the transaction, all business entities is equivalent to 38 Yiwu small commodity market, have customers to patronize. However, because Ali did not like double eleven as a high-profile announcement of specific sales data, the outside world is also talking about this promotional record is not very alarming.

at the same time, represented by Ctrip Travel providers have also added to the festival to great in strength and impetus. "Shuangshier" on the same day, Ctrip website browsing and mobile phone terminal more than 100 million, the peak number of over one million online panic buying, group purchase products orders than usual doubled.

however, in the industry view, "shuangshier sensation" and Tmall "double eleven" which should not be mentioned, consumers of such promotions are increasingly "aesthetic fatigue".

took advantage of the layout of the mobile terminal

the "daily economic news" reporter learned that, on December 12th, through the mobile phone Taobao client to achieve the transaction the seller is 1 million 450 thousand, the total turnover of the seller 55%, while the normal mobile phone Taobao to pay the seller is about 800 thousand, the double 12 day turnover growth of 81% wireless.


shop in little yellow shoes dispensers to accept the "daily economic news" reporter said, "regardless of the number of customers and the number of transactions has increased by 2 to 3 times, especially the wireless terminal accounted for about 60%."


in the number of transactions this year, "shuangshier" Alipay wireless transaction amount to the overall number of transactions 23%, compared to last year, Taobao Alipay mobile phone number of transactions accounted for only 6.8% of the net growth rate, this is amazing.

on the same day, Tencent electricity supplier’s fast and easy network announced that it will operate WeChat featured goods official upgrade. The new "WeChat specials" on the basis of the original added "day one" and "brand sale" and "digital geeks", "we will have to eat", "live music Home Furnishing", "the treasure plan" and other six channels, according to the different shopping theme for the rich category of goods that means the shopping platform again from the network fast and easy to transfer the WeChat mobile platform.

so, after a year of training, the user’s transaction habits are moved to the end of the fast transfer, this trend has been showing signs in the United states.

BIIntelli-gence report of the American market research firm

shows that in Thanksgiving, "black Friday" and "cyber Monday" three shopping days, U.S. electricity total turnover increased by 24% to $4 billion 600 million. Mobile electricity supplier grew very rapidly, reaching 63% growth rate.

obviously, Alibaba foresaw the arrival of the era of mobile electricity supplier. In order to attract mobile phone users, all the $36 million lottery portfolio bought on December 12th, all free of charge to the user issuing > Taobao

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