World Kung Fu tea contest ten outstanding electricity supplier CEO hot collection August 9th Xiamen

participating objects: tea related business enterprise engaged in e-commerce and excellent CEO, senior managers.

a, selected fine side



1, in the domestic and foreign legal registration of enterprises, engaged in the relevant industry network marketing or e-commerce business more than 2 years;

2, in the management and brand has a certain influence, a high degree of customer satisfaction and awareness;

3, product quality in line with national standards, good reputation;

4, with a more perfect after-sales service system, high customer satisfaction, no false propaganda;

5, the applicant shall provide a true, effective and complete material, or cancel its qualification.

B, application and recommend the enterprise shall provide the following materials (copy):

1, a copy of the business license; 2, access to the relevant honors; 3.

C, the character qualifications:

1, the company profile, in the field of e-commerce industry has a higher influence;

2, individual professional titles and personal awards or information technology projects and materials (copy).

, the two participating Awards:

A, the first China world kungfu tea, "the ten major electricity supplier" brand enterprises;

B, the first world China Kung Fu tea "top ten outstanding supplier;

C, the first Chinese kung fu tea "outstanding CEO" outstanding figure;

line: 0592 – 5182757, 15805929846


China’s first world Kung Fu tea contest and tea culture and painting Invitational Exhibition August 9-11, Xiamen,

this activity mainly in the "tongue on Kung Fu" as a starting point, a tea ceremony together, celebrity feast in the Taiwan Strait (Xiamen) Longshan Cultural Creative Park fashion centre, held at the same time have Chinese world Kung Fu tea contest site Oolong Tea, Black Tea, Green Tea, white tea, black tea, tea food, tea the art of tea, tea and other products in exchange to observe the exhibition (tasting booth of 9 square meters to 3800 yuan / day three and 12 square meters of 4800 yuan / three days); Chinese world Kung Fu tea contest, Wuyishan Tieguanyin tea, Narcissus tea, famous Black Tea, famous Green Tea, Pu’er tea, white tea, baiyaqilan tea king tournament; China world tea culture calligraphy, art collection exhibition, and the organizing committee special organization named China world Kung Fu tea ten brands, ten recommended products, ten top ten green base, influential man, The top ten top ten brand tea, healthy water, innovative enterprises and top 100 enterprises in honor of outstanding figures, the winners will be in August 9th to attend the relevant ministerial leaders, well-known experts and scholars of grand awards "

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