Jingdong set up a wholly owned subsidiary of O2O Wang Zhijun as president


NetEase science and technology news March 31st news, Jingdong group today announced the formal establishment of a wholly owned subsidiary of O2O business. The newly established subsidiary of O2O business and Jingdong mall, Jingdong finance, pat, Jingdong jointly formed by Jingdong group’s five business segments.

Jingdong group CEO Liu Qiangdong said in a recent Boao forum for Asia, O2O service platform layout will become an important strategy in 2015 Jingdong group level. In March 16, 2015, the Jingdong officially launched O2O products – "take home", providing fresh and supermarket products within 3 km of the delivery to the user, and flowers, delivery and other kinds of life service projects, and based on the mobile terminal positioning to achieve rapid delivery within 2 hours. This year is expected to gradually expand from Beijing to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other densely populated cities.

Wang Zhijun, vice president of Jingdong

group will serve as president of Jingdong O2O business subsidiary, Jingdong group CEO Mr. Liu Qiangdong direct report. The original O2O products pat home, the person in charge of Jingdong group vice president Mr. Deng Tianzhuo will be responsible for the work of the O2O subsidiary strategy. All the relevant departments and personnel of the existing O2O business model "home" will be incorporated into the independent subsidiary.

entered in 2015, Jingdong group CEO Liu Qiangdong personally led O2O business. He said: I am very excited to be able to return to the business line, personally led the Jingdong O2O team two venture. Jingdong O2O group set up independent wholly-owned subsidiary, and allocation marks the strategic position of veteran soldiers and able captains, Jingdong gives the O2O business more, and look forward to the O2O business has become an important engine for the future development of the group of Jingdong.

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