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music as ecological strategy has entered the second stage, rapid progress. The day before, LETV mall new revision, put forward the content, the video, the scene of the revolution, the ecological strategy to upgrade the electricity supplier 2 times. Obviously, in the "eco electricity supplier" the music opened up their own fields, seems to be difficult to have strictly accurate competitors, LETV mall can do is, he offers a new model reference for the electricity supplier industry, while the completion of self upgrading and evolution.

in December 28th, China (Guizhou) Electronic Commerce Park Development Summit and the third session of the national e-commerce demonstration base alliance conference, experts and scholars believe that the electricity supplier industry and big data are closely related, and the pursuit of music as the mall business model industry scene will trigger the ecological revolution at the same time, electricity providers to help companies looking to break out of the development of the road at the same time more, will detonate the big data, trigger a new round of revolution of the electricity industry.

industry believes that music as the mall has been constantly self evolution, with unique ecological ways to lead the industry into a new era of electricity supplier. With the music as the second stage of the ecological strategy in depth, as the music is being used to show the ecological spirit of the new spirit of vitality.

Video: electricity supplier new trend

after the upgrade, as the mall new page, the transition page highlights the content, video and the scene, these key words. And this is also the end of the ecological electricity supplier 2 good at their own, distinct from other platforms electricity supplier or proprietary electricity supplier significant features.


video, which almost became the trend of the Internet industry in 2016 to chase the chase. "Electricity + video" mode already in the industry is not new, in the video broadcast just when the rise, there is a lot of business platform to see with can produce huge business opportunities – Live entrance to bring traffic, has become an important channel for business platform for customers.

in May this year, Taobao officially launched the Taobao mobile phone broadcast platform, covering the mother, beauty, delicacy, tide ride, fitness and other category; launched in the APP live community, with red net selling beauty products, and this business up to the strategic level; in order to promote the opening of the red net studio…… Each company basically started a live + net red + electricity supplier model exploration.

while sitting on the library of the powerful music video copyright, video content on the music as ecology, create a set of video, VR, live in one of the shopping experience video business platform of visualization, it is logical.

and when the words "video" is focused, pushed to the front as a synonym for ecological electricity supplier, we will review the past year LETV mall "this thing video" spent on the mind, it is not difficult to see that, although the previous layout silently, but never wildly beating gongs and drums:

618 electricity supplier carnival season, as the mall launched

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