Traditional enterprise electricity supplier crisis a talent

with the rapid development of the electricity supplier industry, the traditional enterprise in the process of transformation of the problems encountered more and more;

1, the problem of talent cultivation: rapid development of the business enterprise can not keep up, not easy to recruit or good training, the loss rate is high, talent is the cornerstone of enterprises in twenty-first Century, the most important is the talent, how to find talent and retain talent and motivate talents and create business value for the enterprise, the traditional enterprise the HR department in this field in the electricity supplier war is absolutely the first important department;

funds can make up for the shortcomings of the company’s structure can not take up, the high rate of personnel loss that is the responsibility of the HR;


first, avoid talent bubble:

1, interviewed several 90, the opening is 30K per year, which is less than three years of work, ask that with two skills good relations, a year on several Juhuasuan


2, Juhuasuan is a pro, peibenzhuanyaohe, swollen face fat things, no operation, no Follow-Up Services, the director of recruit, bring to the company is the only loss;

two, electricity supplier corporate culture:

1, the rapid formation of e-commerce company’s corporate culture, the staff to do a good job of career planning, the development of short and medium term career planning, middle-level employees must match the market on the appropriate salary;

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2, many employees (90 more): the expression is very direct, or to the company to earn more money, or you can learn knowledge; now the young employees didn’t study so Lei Feng and Dong Cunrui for his education, the rapid development of society, there is a real education history: tell them not the two generation, two rich generation quickly seize the time to pay Shoufu; the reality easily overcame the ideal, or is not ideal;

3, the electricity supplier is a bitter, not easy to leave, not wise it is difficult to do business, because business is too complicated, too clever can not do business, because the industry is too hard, too clever to do programmers;

4, by the way, tell a few years out of school young people a few words:

20 year old success is someone to take you;

‘s success at the age of 30 is someone who asks you to do something;

40 year old success is a lot of people rushing to borrow your potential;

50 year old success is spanned


learns age desperately want to make money, make money and should be to learn a thing, the pace of life is very important, and as Liu Xiang hurdle is a technology live, run fast with no key don’t fall.

three, the establishment of learning organization:

e-commerce industry is often designed to:

it, operations, products, sourcing, visual, human,

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