Good business owners in the US investment nternet Co Alibaba

Beijing time on March 4th, at a conference held this week at the Stanford University, Alibaba introduced the company to help companies find ways to Chinese manufacturers. Small businesses across the United States are starting to find partners through Alibaba.

Alibaba recently exposed supplier fraud scandal, the former CEO Wei Zhe and other executives resign. The Alibaba is currently trying to rebuild the confidence of customers, including specific measures to American business owners and other Internet Co and other good investment.

at the meeting, from the beginning of last year with a Alibaba B2B website business owner Jonathan · Fortman (Jonathan Shriftman) said: "in the United States, no one really understand the Alibaba." Shriftman sold his bike on his website, he said: "if you have some ideas, now you can easily produce products."

Alibaba is now hoping to attract similar application Futterman business owners, in order to achieve overseas expansion. Alibaba is located in Santa Clara, California office has about 60 Engineers, the company has the United States as the most preferred investment options. Last year, Alibaba acquired two companies in California Vendio Services and Auctivia. Wei Zhe said at the time, Alibaba will conduct more acquisitions.

this is the first meeting held in Stanford University,, California, the first leg of the tour to promote the University, the theme of the conference is to help enterprises to carry out international business. Most of the participants in the meeting were business owners who wanted to get the advice of the venture capitalists. Many said they had come to the meeting because of their interest in Alibaba’s B2B service, which could help them search for global manufacturers to save money.

turned to college

Alibaba said, the company noted that during the period of economic recession, many new customers of the company’s entrepreneurial students and the procurement of goods from the supplier, so the Alibaba will focus in Colleges and universities.

in the Alibaba good American business owners in the process, the company needs to repair its image, and rebuild the confidence of customers. Alibaba’s share price in Hongkong has fallen by 11% since February 21st, when it announced a supplier fraud.

Alibaba is still struggling to get rid of the scandal plagued. At the Stanford University’s meeting, a spokesman for the Alibaba mentioned this fraud, saying the Alibaba hopes to convey a message to the customer, the company attaches great importance to transparency, and willing to solve any problem.

focus on global customers

Alibaba is currently conducting a one week entrepreneur program at Stanford University, including seminars and workshops. Alibaba executives said that the goal of the event >

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