Societe Generale closed credit card online mall banks do electricity supplier deposit defects

customers, price, logistics, etc. are difficult to break through the bottleneck, the development of electronic financial credit platform is the future direction of

another four days, the Industrial Bank’s credit card online mall will be officially closed. Its website announced that due to business adjustments, will be officially closed in August 31st mall. For customers who have ordered goods, the normal treatment. This news, so that the industry once again pay attention to the development of traditional banks in the field of electricity supplier embarrassment bottleneck.

reporter learned that, at present, many banks have opened online shopping mall in its official website. Although operating for several years, but their performance is rarely mentioned.


issued a small amount of customers limited

Societe Generale credit card online mall is not closed by accident. The most fundamental problem is that banks limit the customer base, and some bank credit card issuers smaller, which restricts the development of the credit card mall." A commercial bank credit card official said.

is not only the Industrial Bank, the morning news reporters in the banks online store learned that the bank card customers only myself.


online mall generally high

morning news reporter visited a number of bank credit card online store found that compared with large e-commerce platform, credit card online shopping mall is clearly a lack of price advantage.

apple Ipad Mini 16G, for example, the price of Jingdong mall is 2498 yuan, while in the industrial bank credit card online shopping mall, the price is $12 installment of the period, the total price of 2586 yuan, expensive $88.

to price competition in the electricity business, cooperative banks and official Apple store, the official price of 2498 yuan basis, launched 18 months by interest free installments, the minimum monthly repayment 139 yuan. However, such activities are only a few.


no self logistics delivery time is long

and Jingdong, Tmall and other large Internet electricity supplier is different, the bank does not have a self built logistics system, the distribution of only third parties, or the merchant shipping.

reporter picked up a comparison of a brand printer. In Tmall, businesses can be shipped on the same day. But the credit card online mall needs to confirm the order and commodity information within 2 to 3 working days to ship.

in terms of sales, some bank credit card mall refused to return, and some customers need to bear 100 yuan per piece of liquidated damages.



reference model of Ali small and micro loans

at present, there is no more mature profit model of commercial bank case. But for banks, e-commerce is the market must be layout.


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