Back home Pat micro shop was WeChat two entrance


] January 17th news billion state power network, billion state power network exclusively learned that the Jingdong’s pat micro shop official in the Jingdong WeChat two entrance ("I" – WeChat Wallet – Jingdong featured "appearance). Once belonged to Tencent’s main electricity supplier pat Network is considered to take back home".

it is understood that the micro shop to get access to the entrance of the resource is actually relatively limited, only in the Jingdong featured home page has a focus map display. Through the entrance, pat micro shop chose to focus on the display of its distribution market products, users can choose agents interested in the market.



if the user will be forwarded to the circle of friends or friends circle and produce an order, will get the Commission provided by the merchant, delivery and after-sales service by Pat micro shop business to solve.

noted billion state power network, at present, Beck Locke, Han, Yu, diffuse beam passion has become the flagship store pat micro shop distribution market suppliers.

pat shop official said that the current phase of the distribution can be more than 3000 models of goods, these goods according to their sales data, historical evaluation, sampling and brand verification and other screening.

pat micro shop said, by providing the distribution function in the Jingdong of the WeChat two level entrance, pat micro shop quality businesses can be carried out using the social electricity supplier quality of WeChat users, but also for more WeChat users by sharing the fun and the opportunity to make money.

According to

billion state power network to understand, in addition to a pat micro shop, other domestic micro shop tools (such as pocket shopping’s Micro shop, praise, micro, micro meow stores) have launched their own distribution system, on the one hand for suppliers to expand sales channels, to solve the supply problem of micro business on the other hand.

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