How did choose to open a shop in Taobao

this year I have graduated from University, has just entered the community of confusion and facing the brutal competition in the workplace, I choose the online shop business! And like most people, I don’t have a higher education diploma, just a girl, trying to enter a relatively good business that maybe is my hope but, I always try to. In looking for work experience repeatedly failed to tell me, no proficiency in a particular line is hard to stand in the society, on the condition, but now tell me, did not have much time to spend on learning, after all, have grown up and have left their parents living alone, should learn to be independent.

I began to many units to candidates, most is rejected, not easy to find a company to make the telephone marketing, the pain is really the only done the work of the people can feel, only to find that school life is so naive, how happy! The meager wages, in addition to the fare and the cost of living every month, really There is not much left.. I am in this company for 1 months he resigned, thought he majored in electronic commerce, why don’t you take the? Play to their strengths to do things well. So I find on the Internet, most of which are about the investment information, as a college girl, the pressure of life is as can be imagined what the money and invest it? And now the false information is everywhere, how to guarantee the real success.

accidentally saw a news about the Zhejiang Yiwu a college student shop business story on the Internet, I echocardiography! Online shop investment and low cost, but also to use their own expertise, believe that they should be insisted on! Because occasionally bought something online, so I use in account to shop. The source of the problem is very difficult for me, they do not have money, it does not make me embarrassed. I found some wholesale website information on the Internet, also call to verify their case, since it can be on behalf of the consignor, the relatively reduced my investment, which makes me more confidence! Then I downloaded a packet of goods to upload goods. My agent a few company’s products, so the shop selling things look very messy, but I think of the types of goods more, the opportunity to sell more! My shop also added Wang Pu, comparison is pretty much, because do not understand the decoration shop (in the 3 year of school I don’t know what to learn, this type of software seems to have no contact with the design, at first) or their own download DW, FW to learn slowly, really stay up late every night to 2, 3 point to sleep, do not know how to spend, finally some simple decoration code, will some pictures, he looked fairly satisfied, the heart also has a little sense of achievement.

shop is opened, it can be popular? I am anxious to cry. If a shop opened up, but no one came to visit, it is also heard a lot of friends that work not completed! What do promotion, I look at a loss, I finally said a friend of a friend of his in the site

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