The New Blue Ocean network marketing achievements of Wuhan Jianmin Longmu

network marketing achievements of Wuhan Jianmin Longmu "blue ocean"

in the fierce competition in the market China, traditional media advertising in the Red Sea, the famous brand product scene a few years quietly quiet a few, can be said to be "market own brand, leading the industry for years". The typical Wuhan Jianmin Zhuanggu Granule is one of the best remembered.

In the

era of development, improving living standards, consumer tastes are changing, competitors and some traditional enterprises not resigned to playing second fiddle, the old brand if you can not understand these new changes and new trends, quiet and even go bankrupt sooner or later. In a word: "survival of the fittest in natural selection, survival of the fittest."

80 is used network generation, 80 and almost Longmu Zhuanggu granules consumers in children 0-6 years old parents, is to continue to compete for television advertising "gold"? Or the use of new media network to promote the brand and sales promotion? Wuhan Jianmin chose the latter.

. Network marketing is a systematic project of the application and development of traditional marketing theory in the Internet environment.

. The biggest value of network marketing is that enterprises can communicate directly with consumers, a direct impact on consumers.

. Network marketing can open up the market, you can also direct sales, or even replace the traditional sales model.

March 2008, decided to seek breakthrough advertising Wuhan Jianmin, find a professional network marketing outsourcing company – Hubei New Blue Ocean Technology Co. Ltd., Hubei new blue ocean Wuhan implementation plan Derek to design a set of network marketing in a relatively short period of time, solutions are summarized as follows:

a, marketing type website, let site "live" up!

network marketing the first step of the marketing type website (with the marketing as the fundamental purpose of the website architecture). Found in Wuhan received the official website of the Hubei Jianmin Longmu New Blue Ocean network marketing consultant, there are several serious problems of Wuhan Jianmin Longmu official website:

The content of

1 is old, there is no regular update phenomenon;

2 structure chaos, no interactive module, does not meet the standard of the construction of the marketing website;

3 keyword is not serious;

4 product brand characteristics are not prominent;

5 no effective analysis, statistical tools, can not be a good tracking user access to the site’s information.

found the problem, to solve the problem, after a month of site optimization, rectification, site traffic has undergone tremendous changes. Into the site of the top 10 key words, there are already a number of symptoms of keywords, PV by a few hundred to a few thousand to a few days, the mainstream search engine included in the amount of information greatly improved. After two times successively established Longmu brand marketing website, for now the network access network interaction of hundreds of thousands of millions, and lay a solid foundation. < >

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