The new road of traditional enterprises Taobao buy

Taobao – Asia’s largest and most secure online trading platform, Taobao registered members of super, covering the vast majority of online shoppers in China, that is, all of China’s online shopping crowd of 90% are members of Taobao. 2010 transactions amounted to 400 billion yuan.

network is a network of group purchase group purchase platform, is that consumers do not know each other through the Internet, the power of the "get together" to gather funds, increase of business and negotiation ability, in order to achieve the best price. According to the principle of small profits, large price advantages, businesses can give less than the retail price of group purchase discount and not purchased separately to quality service.

according to professional statistics found that income in 2001-4000 medium income crowd is the main user group purchase group purchase; more users online spending for 51-200 yuan, the monthly net expenditure of more than $600 There are plenty of people who are.

if Taobao + buy will produce what kind of chemical reaction effect? Let’s look at a small factory of Hangzhou women’s shop Taobao + sales effect. The factory opened a B shop in Taobao, three months of the transaction is only on the women’s clothing only more than and 300. But in recent years, with a well-known domestic group purchase website cooperation once sold 3500 pieces of clothes in fifteen minutes, how horrible data ah, even the national sales of clothing store chain estimation is also very difficult to achieve such remarkable sales effect. Let’s look at the map.


less than ten minutes of sales data, has been close to the 2000.


less than sixteen minutes, leaving the remaining 6 orders of more than 3 thousand and 500 places


day turnover of 269414 yuan, the turnover of the number of 3182 people, turnover conversion rate of 3.38%.

a small production of traditional women’s clothing can have such amazing sales have to admire Taobao + buy online shopping power. The traditional enterprise focus on electronic business affairs must also be necessary, is the trend of enterprise development.

there is also a small badminton production enterprises in Shenzhen is also a way to buy a Taobao + more than 6 thousand day sales of badminton rackets. Almost impossible to imagine. Here is not a detailed description of the.

from the two Taobao + buy example can be seen, to achieve this effect is to have the conditions of Taobao + buy must meet several conditions in order to achieve such an amazing effect.

first: market demand, if there is no market demand, even if the goods are not cheap to buy, such as clothing, ready for the summer. Many women have the need for a new dress. If it is skin care products. Sunscreen is certainly the market needs

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