Electricity providers how to do a good job to enhance the transformation of visual marketing

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in the electricity supplier in the visual marketing can be said to be very important, but many sellers, especially the sellers tend to ignore this point, they put more focus on the promotion, in writing, they forgot to copy pictures where we promote a weapon to deal. The following small series to share with you how to improve the conversion rate through visual marketing! First put two classic case pictures for everyone to see, see how people are catching the eye through the picture!


these two pictures of your eyes focused on? Yes, this is the first step of visual marketing, to seize the user’s eye! But only so hi not enough! After we want to seize the user eyeball through the picture to further enhance the user’s desire to buy, so as to enhance the conversion rate of my shop. How to improve the conversion rate by carefully processed images?

1 cause customers to pay attention to retain customers


the same a pants, change an angle to shoot, the effect how? I don’t believe you also know it. The first one is too ordinary, too much. Second? You know!

the most common eye grab ad:

visual marketing is the first step to attract users to click, only to attract users we can carry out the following steps, and gradually contributed to the transaction.

2 to enhance interest in identifying requirements


we do baby must from the user’s perspective to describe, sometimes we think is not necessarily what users want, share a picture below, the seller friends can control their own businesses look.


know what the user wants, we can start from this point, highlighting the user first selling point, to further enhance the user’s desire to buy. Pictured:


looks at the picture of the bag. Pictures are easy to understand, easy to generate interest.

3 build trust, dispel doubt

when customers are interested in your products if you don’t order, explain their hearts and this or that some doubts, we will think of these problems in advance, and in the description of solving. Because many customers are not communicate with us, is the direct feel satisfied, the next single, so we have no chance to explain their doubts in mind, only in advance in the description of layout, to dispel the concerns of customers.

4 single

is called "promotion" when we give up the customer’s doubts, give him a sense of urgency, no time to

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