Jingdong pharmaceutical electricity providers and more self built warehouse will be built

Jingdong and Gome, Suning’s price trick has just come to an end, the war in the field of pharmaceutical electricity supplier has entered the preparatory period. In August 27th, Jingdong CEO pharmacist Cui Wei revealed that by the end of August, the warehouse in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan will be put into use, then, good medicine warehouse area will reach 4000 square meters. This means that cross-border integration of resources of Jingdong and Kyushu, officially entered the market for the practical level.

of the same period and good medicine "confrontation", Tmall Medical Museum and platform, gold mesh Kang pharmaceutical manufacturers, Fosun Pharmaceutical injection and traditional enterprises just Quanzhou pharmaceutical’s. In the electricity supplier is regarded as the blue ocean of the pharmaceutical industry, various types of enterprises have been assembled to rewrite the current pattern of pharmaceutical electricity supplier.

"who gets ready, who can win the market?." An unnamed industry analyst pointed out, but the traffic and personnel constraints, especially the policy uncertainty, will become the key to winning.

cross-border cooperation

in May this year, nearly a year of preparation for the Jingdong officially launched its good medicine, backed by the two largest shareholder of Jingdong and Kyushu, both in 49% and 51% of the proportion of shareholding, the formation of a new business model of the current medical electricity supplier industry.

according to the original agreement, the Jingdong sent Cui Wei responsible for the "surgeon" good pharmacist network overall operation. Cui Wei said, "the Jingdong use their own 40 million user traffic, import it into a good pharmacist network, Jingdong in the mall interface, can search directly to the drug, can click to jump directly to the formation of good pharmacists online, website traffic. In addition, the output of Jingdong management and technology, will also be introduced into the distribution advantages of good pharmacists in the operation of the site. Kyushu mission is to use its advantages in the field of medicine circulation procurement, is responsible for the supply and distribution of good pharmacist category".

"to the end of August, the company in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu 5 city warehouse will be built, the size of the company total storage area will reach 4000 square meters." Cui Wei said, this is the warehouse distribution, according to the characteristics of Kyushu GSP system to distribution, which will ensure that online orders can in the shortest time, effective delivery to consumers.

"many offline resources are provided by kyushu." Cui Wei pointed out, such as Pfizer, Merck, pharmacists and pharmaceutical giants cooperation are Jointown aspects of matchmaking.

Cui Wei said, at present, the site’s PV, UV, iP and other related traffic data show that the company’s total traffic has exceeded 5 years of operation of the peer. From May on the line so far, the date of the order of the site has reached 3000-4000 single."

in the industry view, this cross-border cooperation model at present performance is "one plus one is greater than two, but the two giants in the field of cooperation in both sides meet, what degree of concrete operation process of how, remains to be seen." A >

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