Electronic commerce students

e-commerce professional children’s shoes:

how do you do? I wrote this letter a year ago. The reason for this delay is mainly due to the two reasons for the time and the position of the article. When I was in Baidu know and Search ask many questions and finally decided to write this letter. Although this letter is located in the new community, but I believe his limitations will not be so.

went to college admissions season, as a college entrance exam, known as the two difficult". The first difficult college admissions difficulties, and now is the era of 90 college entrance. With the implementation of family planning, China’s college admission rate is increasing year by year, but the students are lower in the year, college students have become a vivid picture of today’s society. Second difficult is difficult to fill in the professional students, and this difficulty is mainly reflected in the following two aspects, the first is the limited number of professional colleges. Many students admitted to their favorite university, but due to the timing of the problem, the number of their favorite professional is full, there are only two choices, that is, to change the school or subject to professional automatic distribution. The second aspect is the major choice of confusion, many people have said that the college entrance examination over such a sentence "the university entrance exam is not difficult, it is difficult to choose a good professional" this is really the most people from the words from the bottom of the heart. Many students will swing into a tangle in the choice of profession, and this is after all tangled six words "interest, money, family, in the professional choice to communicate with their parents, perhaps many places than you intended, as an adult or adult is you need to learn all aspects of thinking, a lot of students" I would say parents should learn professional I have no interest, I always agree with the words "interest is the best teacher" the students but we also have to think about when interest become your own occupation, you will have the momentum? If you don’t have enough self-control, please give up. Today’s society is a time to fight resources, such as: human resources, financial resources, and so on, we have to learn to analyze their own resources, to play the advantages of resources.

may be a lot of students think that the front of the talk is too much to talk about, because we are still in the early stages of the event, often a lot of things have to look back after the experience often come to the answer. I don’t know how you are with e-commerce soon, probably due to the name of novel, may have the contact, or in the cloud cloud also heard it’s good to talk to you about me and I e-commerce firm. I can say that at my age is to contact the computer, the earliest contact with the internet. I was into computer in 1998, when the first computer contact is 286, which is the legendary brick machine, flat panel display, the host box overweight. But the operating system is Windows95 and 98, when the main thing is to play StarCraft. Formal contact with the Internet in 2001, remember that time is the most popular legend of this online game, I have a few degrees into the obsession. And I was impressed by the number of sites are 3721, 55>

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