Through the one thousand and one night watching Taobao eat to eat after 90


launched by Taobao Marketing Department of the one thousand and one night activities, instantly refresh circle of friends. These consumers are moving food from Taobao to eat. Taobao exchange eat this year also started the transition, emphasizing the tonality and novelty, bring into the business, to bring a new experience for consumers.

Taobao on the two floor of the line, the story of the story of the food to impress the people of

August 11th at 10 in the evening, the phone Taobao home suddenly switched to the night market, Taobao officially opened on the two floor. The event is Taobao’s marketing department and Taobao to eat half a year to prepare for the project. The one thousand and one night activities, will be about the mystery of the small tent in the occurrence of the 16 urban fantasy story, every Wednesday, Thursday launched a set. Based on the mobile phone end users, the first launch of the vertical version of the video.


first look at the story, and then appreciate the goods, completely different from the previous consumer experience, to the consumer is not the same touch. In the past few years, the tongue of China has been driven by the crazy consumer similar to Taobao, with the content, the story of the packaging to reach the consumer, to help them make a surprise choice.

lasted 5 months, selected thousands of goods

experts and consumers, Taobao exchange delicacy to eat two multi role lasted 5 months, dig out thousands of good goods. For the past activities, have the opportunity to be able to expose more of the explosion of the merchant, for the sake of the uniqueness of the commodity business, relatively few opportunities to reach consumers. And this election is a key tonality, originality of the delicacy, so that consumers can enjoy delicious side while watching the story.

do not know how to eat people do not understand the life, in order to show the most tonal goods, Taobao exchange and market department set up small eat delicacy appreciation group, repeated selection evaluation. After the first quarter of the 16 commodity promotion, Taobao exchange will be held at the end of the season to eat industry promotion, which will also bring a wave of strong flow quality, manufacturing flashpoint for the small businesses.


Taobao sinks to eat the next strategic direction

Taobao is a Alibaba to eat Hui group’s delicacy platform, with "global food, authentic China" for the purpose of providing variety, quality worthy of trust delicacy for consumers, so you can eat wayward".

1001 night from the side also reflects this year’s Taobao exchange strategy to eat change. With the upgrading of consumption, online shopping market young fully formed in the food industry: consumers, 80 is the main crowd, although the purchase order of 90 is not enough, but the growth rate should not be underestimated. More requirements by these Internet Aboriginal family on food safety and service experience is high, young and curious has become a new phenomenon. More attention is paid to the stories and values behind the food.

Taobao to eat this year put forward a comprehensive upgrade, from the seller dimension, with the quality of goods and services to improve competitiveness; from the buyer dimension >

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