Secret three squirrels throw food store three months ago we do not even know what to sell

Abstract: Zhang Liaoyuan said, he is not willing to take this as a simple line shop store or shop experience, but re defined as "feeding shop", emphasize the trading function, emphasize the experience and interaction, in order to enhance the cohesive relationship with the user.



Zhang Liaoyuan said that the future plan is to open only one store in each city, and more inclined to online shopping is not particularly developed three or four line city.

three squirrels future feeding shop or even the purchase of each product, only sell five pieces, "because in essence we don’t want to sell more products, the line selling more products, the cost is higher."

in the past everyone’s mind burst, is the product explosion. But now we would like to produce a burst of the brand, there is a let everyone love IP, and bring traffic.



network operators in the world by Liang Zhouqian

October 8th, three squirrel food shop opened full week. According to reports, across the National Day holiday, the total sales of food shops opened a week up to 1 million 100 thousand yuan, more than 50 thousand people into the store.

"this is a 2.5 dimensional space, the line of the two dimension and the next line of the three dimension of the link. It is defined as the rest of the city." Zhang Liaoyuan, founder of the three squirrels.

from the beginning of the first day of the opening, there is no shortage of fans at the entrance of the snack bar into the store loyal fans. Behind the average daily traffic of six thousand people, what are the story of hand holding IP advantage of the "squirrel" this good card, the founder of Zhang Liaoyuan and what will be the layout and planning?

September 30th, we brought the freshest shop report. Now, the "world network" the depth of excavation, hoping to find the answers to these questions.

how to build a 2.5 dimensional food store?

opened the first two weeks of feeding, store or a mess. Originally placed in the middle of the casual bar area, due to the store experience is not good enough, the temporary was all down to re build. Change the light line, deployment of personnel to work overtime, until a few days before the opening, Xu Kai O2O director of the team is also working overtime every day to 7 o’clock in the morning, round the clock code goods rush.

In order to make the

shop and consumer experience to achieve the best effect, so that the "injured in the sinews or bones" is not the first time. Shop glass fiber reinforced plastic small squirrel shape, has been satisfied with the fourth version. Xu Kai personally went to the factory to pull every detail, eye color, the use of all materials to ensure that the deployment of the most appropriate state. Shop at the entrance of the three squirrels stacked together in the town store treasure, but also the first time the factory tried such a high profile, in addition to the fixed steel, transportation costs are very high."

recalls to experience the next line shop to build a bit, Xu Kai filled with a thousand regrets.

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