nvestors said looking for investment should be aware of some small things

share investors Zhuang Minghao this article, for those ambitious entrepreneurs a wake-up call. No one in this world is a fool, investors prefer to pragmatic entrepreneurial team. Before looking for investment, entrepreneurs had better know some of the unspoken rules".  

a few days ago my friend micro-blog @ I such a micro-blog:

received a copy of the PPT, my tiger body shake chrysanthemum tight! This tall on the team who are interested in investing? Required for a period of 3 million investment team accounted for 100% of the shares, make the product into 55, the management is divided into up to 9 million employers get rough, if the team look at you like, don’t mind and send you 10%-20% shares. I saw a group of aspiring young people, I moved to tears of the brain, the mobile Internet industry needs such a warm year!

was also equipped with a picture:

my reply is three words:

Diao fried days!

was later interviewed by the game media on the PPT team.

as Mobile Games CP enterprises still see VC practitioners, I may be inconvenient to comment on the team and this way, I don’t doubt that there will be investors because it together "events" to contact the team even investment;

but I think there is a need for a lot of similar to the team did not find the investment hand travel CP class team talk about what should be paid attention to before looking for investment and investment.

there is one more thing to say about all of the following institutional investors, pure human angels and channels such as channels, publishers, big CP with strategic investment is not the scope of the discussion.

1, the mind, we want to know how investors are born with money;

so investors a case only one purpose: to make money, but also the key point is almost no investor investment are dividend to go, a seemingly reasonable exit should be acquired and listed.

2, venture capital is essentially the pursuit of high risk and high return;

so when the risk is limited, to participate in the investment intention becomes small; even if you think this is a can not lose……

3, investment in shares, do not take the shares of the loan; borrowing is to have a formal agreement to confirm the interest and repayment period……

I don’t think it’s too much for me to explain, so we look back at the idea of the team at the beginning of the article, which seems a bit less realistic;

limit 3 times the return of death, and this is not how long to know how long the shares, no shares of the 3……

of course we know that the team may have this confidence, but I would like to say that even if a publisher is looking for it today

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