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said the best money for women and children to earn, while the mother and child industry has seized the two consumer groups, the data show that in 2015 China’s maternal and infant industry market size is expected to exceed $2 trillion. At the same time, the consumer online shopping habits have gradually been cultivated, the scale of online shopping transactions reached 2 trillion and 800 billion in 2014, an increase of 48.7%, is still maintained at a high level of growth. In this context, the mother and child electricity supplier will become the new darling of the capital market.

In addition to

online shopping population increasing, more recently the country liberalized two child policy, about two children for the four piece behind this policy highlights the people sensitive to the momentum of development is undoubtedly maternal electricity supplier will usher in a new wave. According to the latest release of 2015 36 krypton entrepreneurial valuation of the company’s top five hundred list, the list of finalists for the company most underestimate the value of 620 million, the maternal electricity supplier the vertical segments, honey bud, the king of the children, freaky help, baby tree and many other companies on the list, becoming another maternal electricity supplier vertical air fresh electricity supplier. Analysis of an industry, it is necessary to understand the representative of the enterprise, so the maternal and child electricity supplier to do a list of the latest Langya analysis.


honey bud:

Yiqijuechen leading electricity supplier in the field of child

Valuation: 8 billion 740 million

financing: D round

launched in March 2014, get the real angel investment fund after soon received investment from Sequoia Capital led the $20 million financing. In December of the same year, honey bud completed $60 million C round of financing, by H Capital lead investor, Sequoia Capital and Zhenge fund to continue with the vote. In September 2015, completed by Baidu $150 million led D round of financing, financing in the conference site, honey bud drying out of a bank account, on the one hand to declare this is the largest amount of cash the maternal electricity supplier financing, on the other hand also called venture company announced the amount of financing. Honey bud on the line in a year and a half to complete the four round of financing, the financing rate is the first in the industry. Not only that, honey bud has become the highest valuation of cross-border electricity supplier.

from the entrepreneurial company recently released 36 krypton five hundred list, honey bud ranked twenty-second, the valuation of 8 billion 740 million, not only in the field of electricity supplier maternal Yiqijuechen, but look at the entire entrepreneurial company is one of the Unicorn enterprises. When the baby market is still a blank, the user can not find high-quality service, honey bud in the quasi mother Liu Nan turned out to be due. The original honey bud to diapers this high-frequency single product as the starting point, make the ultimate single product breakthrough. From New Balance to mobile phone hammer are popular artisan spirit, and for the honey bud is the "mother" spirit, is to give their children to buy good childcare articles and the initiation of entrepreneurial idea, now has more than 1000 employees, with millions of mothers.

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