WAL MART force e commerce online network into the largest capital

introduction: foreign media wrote today, under the impact of electronic commerce, WAL-MART and other traditional retail giants suffered a slowdown embarrassment. However, in order to meet the market trend, WAL-MART also began to focus on the development of digital business, and hope to make full use of their huge physical retail network to promote the development of e-commerce.

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retail network

today, if you walk into the WAL-MART supermarket, you will see the familiar corridor, familiar with the customer service representative, the familiar queue. You will choose the goods as usual and then go to the cashier checkout. But in the future, WAL-MART hopes to completely change the existing model.

is booming in online shopping today, the multinational retail giant is re adjust its e-commerce strategy, hoping to re expand the shrinking user base. Although WAL-MART recently 18 months has just begun to develop e-commerce business, but the company is hoping to retail network leveraging the huge digital project.

this is not fond dream: some 2/3 of Americans live in WAL-MART supermarket 5 miles (about 8 km) radius. In addition to WAL-MART, there is no one company has 4000 consumers across the u.s.." WAL-MART global e-commerce company president and CEO Neal · (Neil Ashe) said at a press conference on Tuesday to attend the meeting.

, however, with the rise of e-commerce, but with a wide range of physical networks is not enough. E-commerce companies such as Amazon and eBay have won a lot of money in the retail market share, while WAL-MART, such as the old retail giant has watched the growth rate of traditional stores slowing. WAL-MART CEO Bill ·, an analyst at Bill, said in a conference call with analysts in February that, in the 16 weeks to the end of April, the company’s same store sales in the United States are likely to be flat year on year.

entrepreneurial atmosphere

WAL-MART global e-commerce company is set up to deal with this trend. This house belongs to WAL-MART, the company has 1500 employees, headquartered in California, San Bruno, adjacent to Silicon Valley, and YouTube offices across the street.

WAL-MART in recent years in the digital domain the most interesting items are derived from this, the reason is the company to create a Silicon Valley style product development and execution environment, allowing many small team planning and implementation of innovative products, thus greatly enhance the speed. They occasionally like other entrepreneurial companies held a "hacker", allowing engineers to play a powerful and unconstrained style of their ideas, and then put into practice. ·, vice president of the company’s search and classification, Subrah Name Lam (Sri Subranamiam) said that they will continue to expand the A/B test, and the introduction of new features every week.

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