Three micro weapon in hand mobile providers should be how to wield

The mysterious

WeChat 5 has not appeared, grab a micro Amoy, Page page under the Sina micro-blog gradually, in the era of mobile providers looks beautiful, how to wield three big micro weapon, can let looks beautiful to be very beautiful?

mobile electricity supplier where the origin of mobile providers want to solve the fundamental problem, of course, sales, new sales only from two places: new users and old users. Rely solely on the mobile client to develop new customers, the ability is quite limited, so good service to the old user, so that it generates more orders, the output ratio is much higher than the development of new customers.

micro Amoy: non general shopping experience

from Taobao into the micro Amoy after a experience, think about the meaning of the following two points:

first: it is to generate new traffic, reasonable distribution of the flow of entry and search, so that the flow of a reasonable allocation to the real value, quality goods. It seems to be called the boutique Taobao.

second: to provide users with personalized content, or can be said to be of interest to consumers. Especially in the mobile terminal screen and time limited situation, the content to the user, it is timely assistance.

for micro Amoy official recently said that the next 3 months, the core functionality will be in the new user guide and account recommendation, account interaction and account service plug-ins to carry out the 3 aspects.

micro-blog: a number of micro Amoy collection

has not yet fully commercialized in WeChat, micro-blog is still a hot topic, its inherent media properties, so that the majority of users to get the first time a new information channel.

in fact, a closer look, micro-blog is actually a number of micro Amoy collection, and micro Amoy micro-blog is a consumer vertical segments. Ali micro-blog investment on the one hand through the cookie access to user data, on the other hand can be directly put on the micro-blog advertising, can be described as highly accurate.

WeChat: trusted nanny

from WeChat to WeChat charges rumors of mystery 5 was revealed, WeChat’s success is mainly service care for old users, WeChat information push mechanism for the marketing of narrow and narrow, especially with the launch of WeChat 5.

Especially the development of

, the function of several heavyweight sweep, the addition of a barcode scanning, publications cover, street, English etc.. In addition to the outside, with street view scanning, mobile local development prospects is really unimaginable.

whether it is micro Amoy, micro-blog, or WeChat, has its unique natural advantages, reasonable use, hard to cultivate old users, to bring the old and new mobile looks beautiful idea will be realized! The QQ:465145377 may communicate with the webmaster, common in >

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