Discussion on how to cooperate with the navigation station


believe that Internet users on the web site navigation station are not unfamiliar, it can be very convenient to find the information they want. On the other hand, it can also be used as a perfect bridge for shopping and e-commerce websites. Here we analyze from the perspective of the network marketing program, the pros and cons of the electricity supplier website and navigation website classification.

. Electricity supplier’s point of view

has a lot of shopping websites or e-commerce website friends, to join the classification navigation station enthusiasm is very high, the feeling in the navigation website appears more people know more, to expand its influence and visibility are very helpful. Also, you can also exchange Links, really is The more, the better. promotion methods.

in addition, there are some friends in contrast to the view that cooperation, friends of e-commerce website and classification navigation website effect did not imagine so good, the website classification not included you, small station does not help much traffic classification. These two views are, at present, very representative of the views of the two categories.

two. Understanding classification navigation website

in addition to know about scale, flow, reputation classification navigation station from the surface, we should fundamentally understand what kind of people will go to the classification of navigation website, these people may have converted to potential customers. According to my understanding of the classification of navigation website user groups can be broadly into the following three categories:

1) ordinary user

such users, some of which are targeted in the search for related sites. There are some, may be inadvertently found such sites, or to listen to the introduction of such a user’s goal is not strong, so there may be driven by curiosity by browsing some of its base class website.

2) professional user

this type of user, for us there is no help, which is likely to include our fellow friends. When they want to understand peer information, usually go to the classification of navigation site to find information, because that’s the save time, we in the network analysis of peer information promotion scheme comparison, this method is also commonly used to search for the web site.

3) information collection

of the user, its true purpose is not clear. For example, there may be a survey data to do the sales channels, may also be in order to find some websites to advertise, or simply collected in a particular industry or type of website information, to accumulate data base.

from the conversion rate analysis, only the actual purchase of the largest users of the most common, the conversion rate of professional users is almost zero, the information collection user conversion rate may not be high. From the point of view of the user experience, if there are some ordinary users will have to be classified in the navigation station, the two search to find trouble, not >

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