By the general web site to create accurate marketing

how to allow consumers to quickly find the information in a wide expanse of mist-covered waters in the ocean, and reach a purchase intention, is the focus of enterprise network marketing.

mail advertising marketing, viral marketing, search engine marketing, marketing the address bar…… These are only a few years ago the concept of marketing tools, is now being adopted by many companies to implement, Internet marketing has become one of the mainstream marketing of today’s business.

not long ago, in a "reform and development" of the new era of marketing network precision marketing seminar, marketing experts, scholars and representatives of the Internet industry, many small and medium enterprises has launched an interactive discussion around the Internet precision marketing. Many small and medium enterprises representatives at the meeting to reflect, although in recent years, the Internet coverage is more and more wide, more and more marketing carrier, but the company’s target customer base has been dispersed. How to carry out more accurate marketing has become an important issue facing the enterprise market.

resources are scarce, but in this era of information explosion, scarcity is not information, but the consumer’s eye, the proliferation of information, excess, has caused the attention of the scarcity. According to the view of attention economy, if the enterprises want to succeed in the network marketing, they must pay attention to the target consumers. Therefore, how to let consumers quickly find and understand their information in a wide expanse of mist-covered waters in the ocean, to further enhance their product acceptance, so as to reach a purchase intention, has become the focus of enterprise network marketing, and this is where the essence of Internet precision marketing.

The first step to turn

a few years ago, once the debt, on the verge of collapse of the Wuhan Huatong Electric Co. Ltd., in just one year staged a miracle of salted fish. Today, the company’s annual sales exceeded 10 million yuan, hundreds of employees.

"through the site business at least 67 million yuan." The key measures about turnaround, the company chairman Chen Songqing quite proud to say. The once dying small factory, and now not only has been profitable, but also easily at the forefront of the network economy era, the start of the electrical appliance industry portal. Chen Songqing will this change due to network marketing: in 2003, funds tense situation, Chen Songqing decided to invest about 200000 yuan, registered with our company products: high and low voltage electrical appliances related web site and domain name, from the beginning of the network marketing of the road.

in 2003, when the Internet is spreading at an alarming rate, Chen Songqing one step ahead to aware of these opportunities. In the registered general website, he used to the electrical industry vocabulary as the center, wide net strategy, a large number of registered associated with high and low voltage electrical appliance industry vocabulary, such as "high voltage switchgear, low voltage switch cabinet" and "Wuhan appliances", these words are the main products through china. Because many of the industry’s major customers are accustomed to the Internet to find electrical equipment suppliers, many high and low voltage electrical industry word >

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