Google earns 1 from every nternet user

truth 1 – Don Dodge digital hint

the following figure from the Forrester research document (published in May 2005). According to the chart, the overall online ad spending will grow by about 50% over the next two and a half years, from $20 billion 300 million to $29 billion 400 million.

now look at how close the chart has been in the past few years. Google’s annual revenue is as follows:

2005, $6138.56 B

2006, $10604.92 B

The growth of

was 72%, while the growth in the same period was only about 33%. This difference is understandable, because as a leader in online advertising services, Google should be more than other service providers in terms of revenue growth.

therefore, if we consider the factors in this area, and assuming Don Dodge judgment is correct, then, in the next two and a half years, Google revenue and market capitalization growth in 100% is likely to happen.

truth 2 – in other ways to achieve Google data

OK, we are now trying to analyze the Google data in another way:


Google revenue in the past quarter $3.664B

this means a monthly income of $1.221B

also means a daily income of $40.7 M

now has about 1 billion 200 million Internet users around the world

Google occupies 50% search market

Google53% revenue from search, 37% of revenue from the AdSense advertising alliance

refer to these data, we can quickly come to a general conclusion, Google earn $1 per Internet user. However, not all of the revenue from the Google search engine, Google only control 50% of the search market, but the Internet is being advertised by Google through AdSense and AdWords advertising alliance organic cover. In this way, even if you are searching through Yahoo or Live, you may still end up with a page in the long tail of the Google AdSense. >

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