400 assist Wangzhuan telephone service

if we do the bidding, or product promotion, use 400 phones on the website, it is great thing for the enterprise is a kind of business promotion, as we all know, 400 is called pay, is to call you, I pay in the form, then we should how to apply for 400 phones, and how to avoid a lot of people are calling


1, apply for 400.

method is the first in the Netcom business hall.


can be used for a long time, can form a brand, and can choose some good number.

account opening fee is low, the account is 100 yuan.


calls, each called a minute, need to pay 6 cents

has a minimum consumption of 100 yuan per month.

method two, online application for 400. Admin5 proxy 400 telephone service http://s.400.admin5.com/PhoneNums.aspx    application price for the starting point of 50 yuan per month


easy to open, there are online banking, you can immediately open.

calls low, called 4 hair.


is engaged in the business of agents, may be canceled at any time, so the number is difficult to form a brand.

how to prevent their 400 business has long been hit caused by the loss of calls it?

1400 phone with a little on the back of the phone on duty for 24 hours: 133333333XXX".

2, the phone call to a number of 400, usually do not take this number, if you are really consulting your business, he will call your cell phone.

400 phone’s main function is to enhance the image of the enterprise, and through this method, you can use the shadow of the 400 phone to achieve, without the need to pay the call.

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