How to choose a competitive product

want to through the auction advertising products, could not just put the advertisement put up, because put up, if not profitable, but we always spend money for the test case,.

1, make ad page.

advertising page must be professional, to find professionals to design.

2, circle test advertising page.

let the circle of people to help themselves to see, there is no problem on the advertising page, so that they actively ask questions, and then according to their views and suggestions, and then let the artists continue to modify.

3, his initiative to go out to promote.

for example, kiss Xingmin to sell laptop battery, I will go to the forum advertising and notebook, to go to the station to send advertising, the purpose is to test yourself to the traffic effect, if found the advertisement page effect is good.

4, test search ads.

to Google or Baidu search advertising testing, at this time officially entered the stage of paid advertising, the only prerequisite of this stage is that must be profitable, if a project is not profitable, there is no need to operate the project.

5, test content advertising.

kissed in front of the public, search advertising is limited, the limit is the maximum flow rate is limited, if we want to maximize our income, we will increase our advertising and click Show, this time you need to do the advertising content, according to the above 4 steps of preparation, we you can test the content of advertising, if the test content of advertising is profitable, can large area promotion advertising content.

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