Hongkong grassroots nternet entrepreneurs Adam mobile education pioneer

and I contact the mainland Internet entrepreneurs are different, there is no strong cultural atmosphere in the more than and 20 year old Adam Tong, showing no obvious vitality and powerful gas field, even at first glance some mental fatigue. Adam Chinese name Tang Zhenwei, is currently working with a partner in the operation of a Internet Co called InTechnigence, the main product is the primary and secondary schools in Hongkong e-learning system. Because of the recent replacement of the system platform, Adam is very busy, the interview is also about his lunch time to be carried out.

Adam was born in Guangdong, Zhongshan, in 2001 with his parents emigrated to Hongkong, elementary school to the university are completed in Hongkong. Graduated from the Chinese University Hong Kong business management professional Adam, no computer background, no big company work experience, in the late start of the University, can be regarded as a typical Internet grassroots entrepreneurs. According to Adam, the character he is more mature than their peers, know how to do early planning for their future, entrepreneurship is always his idea, his choice of business majors also hope to be able to understand business knowledge, know how to make money, to lay the foundation for their future business. As for why finally entered the Internet industry, more of a chance coincidence.

HSBC Young Entrepreneur Award, is a business plan for Asian college students to write the game, each year for full-time undergraduate students. In 2009 Adam sophomore participated in the contest, and the lack of time, he will put on themselves before learning a paper version of the electronic resources idea of the perfect little direct participants, particularly worth mentioning is that the tablet computer hardware design at the Adam on the market at that time has not yet appeared, in his business plan the book will be "hardware manufacturing and supply" as the key link of your project. After the game, his project finalists semi-finals and met in Hong Kong, Chinese University Hong Kong School of business professor Bernard in the game, after a year has become a partner of the company.

in Hongkong, students schoolwork pressure, textbook alarming number, and high price of books in Hongkong, every year for the learning materials cost per student in Hong Kong between 3000-4000. Adam company is currently in the development of the product is based on iPad hardware equipment to support e-learning platform. With the help of the government of Hongkong to invest 140 million yuan e-Learning Pilot Scheme (electronic learning pilot program) project, Hongkong has more than 20 primary and secondary school iPad allocation rate is close to 100%. Small and medium sized IT enterprises, who are interested in developing software system platform, can apply for the project fund to promote their products and services. The pilot program is led by the government of Hongkong, small and medium sized IT enterprises to participate in a similar way of bidding. Adam company is one of the successful application of a business, access to about 2 million 700 thousand Hong Kong dollars of government funding support.

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