Mobile phone advertising messages to good faith


market status: bad advertising content fraud

Shenzhen news network to work in the overseas Chinese Town Han Tang building, Li Xinsen, entered the office and receive a text message, the content is as follows: "congratulations on your custom SMS boutique business monthly cap costs 30 yuan, if you wish to unsubscribe please send a message to × 9; × × × 6069 unsubscribe! If this month no charges will continue to unsubscribe from next month! Thank you for your cooperation!" He suddenly felt puzzled: because all at sea has never been customized for any business. Are instructed to unsubscribe, white colleagues told him: "probably is fishing, the past is confirmed not to unsubscribe, many colleagues have been on!" Mr. Li to call 10086 check, and no relevant business custom records.

Li newgreen was not deceived, but the bad SP service providers, consumers forced to deceive the consumer but there are a lot of custom. Mobile information service charges in the national two sessions has been repeatedly called for remediation.

reporter through the survey found that advertisers are not legitimate or inefficient use of SMS advertising. At present, there are three main types of SMS advertisers: the first category is illegal advertisers, the use of high technology to seek illegitimate interests, often referred to as black sms". Due to the privacy of mobile phone text messages, the operator can not verify the content of the text messages, through a specific software can reach a batch of thousands of messages, each minimum of only 0.018 yuan. Low cost and high efficiency, cheat one is a. The second category is SMS content providers (SP), users can subscribe to pay SMS information, more performance for the temptation of information, such as voice Taiwan advertising, mobile phone link beauty website etc.. There are more skills of playing the emotional signs, claiming to be the long lost friends to greet, once the user back information will automatically customize a monthly fee ranging from service. After media reports and public security departments to remind, SMS advertising had to carry on the "trick" public opinion black hat, the consequences of the lack of credibility of the message is a serious lack of advertising. The third is to realize mobile phone SMS as a new form of advertising business, fully aware of and actively use of resources, but have characteristics of the new media, users no in-depth research and analysis, too much emphasis on advertising cost and ignore the evaluation of advertising effectiveness, simple form mobile phone SMS advertising with no effect conclusion.

mobile phone users: SMS advertising suffered a crisis of confidence

"what are your fears and concerns about wireless advertising?" In a recent study conducted by the Department of industrial engineering Tsinghua University Dr. Rao Peilun organization, 43% of people think "I may be tracking all the time"; 60% of people think that "my personal privacy will be violated" business information; and about 80% of users think it is "too much advertising jams to my mobile phone" and "completely unintelligible spam". Mobile phone advertising seems to be too much consideration for the business model, but too little consideration for the feelings of mobile phone users. The sea

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