know one of the 4399 things Cao’s shares how to shrink


you neighbors, for a long time to update the wood, but uncle’s heart has been with our neighbors. During 51, Lin uncle left idle at home, finishing the recent equity shrink create a great sensation Cao Zheng case and case 4399 of the sequence of events, another $one billion lesson, will be published I know 4399 of those things series.

Cai Wensheng said the site navigation to tens of millions of dollars to Li Kaifu at the Google Chinese, transformed into a bird, began to do angel investment, this is in the middle of 2007. Chinese Internet industry has a large number of people are beginning in 2007 after doing angel investment side start looking for a wave of opportunities, in addition to Cai Wensheng, Lei Jun, Zhou Hongyi, Zeng Liqing, Xu Xiaoping at this point in time to jump down, this appears to be a coincidence, in fact inevitable, single day or eight, etc. hot money.COM a Book fixing before do spoilers.

Cai Wensheng angel, in fact or in stationmaster Congress as the foundation, wrap the grassroots, and docking the mainstream VC, before Cai Wensheng was packing Xue Manzi, Cai Wensheng himself ran again after that one of the doorways, sold at stations, Cai Wensheng hands have enough cash, Cai Wensheng wants to play. To be exact, in fact, before the site to sell the station, Cai Wensheng has begun to play, and so on, 58, the storm is a case involving the star of the case of Cai Wensheng.

let a man obsessed Cai Wensheng, this is Li Xingping. Although many business class media as Cai Wensheng is Chinese Master Wang, but in private, Li Xingping is another Chinese webmaster first person, this is due to the glorious past of Li Xingping hao123 (Cai Wensheng had the chance to enter the hao123 before Baidu, the story of Cai Wensheng in Xiamen for the left face told Lin uncle, but with this another eight independent single) is really too shocked.

will be sold to Baidu after, Li Xingping one or two years after that is to find a new opportunity in 2004, that is, the 4399 game station. Li Xingping do flow is really a genius, soon, 4399 small game station to enter the Chinese website ranking of the top 100 sites.

Cai Wensheng began to do the angels, the most wanted is the circle of Li Xingping into the board, but the money earned by his own good, why should cooperate with the Cai Wensheng, and why not to do so, and so on, and so on. Before and after 2007, changes in the external environment, began to make this possible. Chinese grassroots webmaster are aggregated traffic, in 2007 there is a gap in 2008 at this time.

Prior to

, the operator itself is the flow of cash in the home, but after the 2006 reorganization after operators began to drift away. Between Baidu and Google once around the traffic compete ruthlessly, but with the search war situation began to clear, especially after Baidu traffic gradually began to tighten, who was very popular in the China grassroots webmaster hand flow open >

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