Chinese a long the most common modes of network to make money

Chinese Yalong today just returned to Shanghai dead. Go home, my home is in the countryside, there are relatives and friends ask what to do now, Chinese Yalong said I do network marketing, they are not understand, China Ya’alon said is through the Internet to make money, sell things on the internet. Explained for a long time. One of them asked China Yaron how to make money online, ah, this person said to never understand the Internet is impossible. China Yalong also do network marketing for four or five years, the problems listed several common network mode of making money.

network advertising

most people are doing this thing, as long as there is money on the flow of money, is the most common network of the most common online profit model. One is through the advertising alliance, one is the advertisers direct sales. At present, China’s reputation and strength are better advertising alliance: Baidu advertising alliance, Google advertising alliance, Ali mother alliance, Sogou advertising alliance, Youdao advertising alliance. Site owners through the advertising alliance platform to choose the right advertisers and advertisers to increase revenue through advertising, while saving a large number of online advertising sales costs, easy to turn the site into revenue. Most personal sites are in this way, by hanging other people’s advertising to survive.

there are a number of large portal, will have their own ad sales team or advertising agents, such as Sina, Sohu, ifeng, etc., a day to pay a million yuan on the home page. Our crazy English training camp most of the students are obtained through the purchase of advertising through the network channels. All English classes and educational websites I have to talk to them about advertising, such as, these are English portal. Their main advertising revenue is the direct purchase of advertising and advertising agencies.

if we don’t do English training now, our crazy English website do alliance advertising and others related to English advertising, every month at least twenty thousand of the income, because we are industry portals, Alexa is now ranked sixty thousand, the flow can also be.

registered membership fees to provide free services with differentiated membership

, for example, when you login to QQ and you can see that there will be a lot of QQ icon beside the portrait of VIP members, QQ, red diamond, yellow diamond, diamond and so on, these are the difference between paid and free, of course, if the business will pay the cost of opening the intersection intersection. Typical example: Alibaba ( China B2B website model, the opening of the integrity of charges. In addition, there are a number of talent sites, e-books, dating sites, online movies and many other key information is also only for the user charges……

two: profit pattern, SMS, MMS customized ringing tone download electronic magazine subscription and other value-added telecom

online game operators, virtual equipment and props trading


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