Fresh electricity supplier entrepreneurs compulsory Please pragmatic point of calm to deal with new

fresh electricity supplier concept is very new, giving people a lot of room for imagination, and the reasons for the investment of fresh electricity supplier can also list a lot, such as:

fresh demand, high purchase rate;

electricity supplier new channels to achieve direct supply base, reducing the channel links, reducing costs, increasing the profit space;

fresh electricity supplier is still a blue ocean, the competition is not so intense, into the investment may be able to have a large return;

Tootoo, the original life, Dolly farm had put into this piece of blue ocean, but if mixing is also good…………

a colorful bubble to come up, so many small and medium-sized entrepreneurs to grasp the hand of money can not help but loose: go, we go to business! Fresh electricity supplier!

recently a friend borrowed 500 thousand of his father’s money, want to put into the fresh electricity supplier, ask what I think. I said, I am very supportive of your business, but also admire your courage. But if I have 500 thousand possible with your choice is not so, I put 400 thousand into Alipay, let fly to return. The remaining 100 thousand, I put into the selection of products and the industry to drink coffee, pay tuition, do circle.

entrepreneurship fresh electricity supplier to think about the problem

entrepreneurship is a good thing to be sure, but we have to think about some problems:

first thing sold? Selection is very important in this market, in such a deep wide north first-tier cities do not have the advantage of fresh, fresh light is in great demand, the more important is that people in the first-tier cities of new model is very willing to try. The coastal zone of the second city in the local life service was also fast, especially in the Yangtze River Delta in the two or three line of the city, city economy is large, but the city is very small, local life service small and beautiful just unfolding. But in the majority of the two or three lines in the mainland city, vertical electric now living space is small, the people of these things point there is a lack of acceptance, although this does not prevent some of our courage to open up the market, blaze a way to resolve, but I want to say is, this is a must first consider the question.

fresh market positioning is very important, there are several types of people are unlikely to be temporarily or less likely to buy food online, fruit, meat and milk. First, do not cook for the young people is not our customers, school students and a large number of young people who eat takeout is out; second, over the age of forty housewives to online shopping itself is not used, fresh electricity change old mother farms to buy food habits can not be like the third; young white-collar workers, has a large number of cooking, a large number of exclusion; but the habit of cooking the vegetable market is not willing to accept new things of women men and women, the basic rule; only a handful of people left: cook their own food to buy food, but busy, willing to accept business such things the young white-collar. We can imagine that this man, he often cooks at home

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