Small P to make a lot of money give P trouble novice webmaster

maybe as a webmaster, most of the efforts around IP Kuwait, even the webmaster exchanges, IP will also ask about the topic, the type of site may be different, but when it comes to how to promote IP, there is a common language between stationmaster. But IP does not mean everything, at least, 1000 of the IP may not be able to earn only $1000, the key is how you use these 1000 IP, it developed to 10 thousand PV, or even 100 thousand PV!

so, in addition to IP, PV is the webmaster to go after the data, even if your IP is limited, PV go up, do the same excellent than the similar website, can make a lot of money, here are some effective methods for increasing PV commonly used, I hope useful for novice webmaster > home page must show your website attitude

no matter what kind of a website, there is a center, the center station is your attitude, that is to say the website is to give users what help? Unless you really have the strength to do the station, otherwise don’t make very large version of portal, a large version of the content, looks very rich but the user does not know what is good. Well, it seems that there is no need to direct the content to you.

home page to focus. Want to grab your target customer’s eye, to provide the content they need, otherwise it is easy to be lost to other peer site PK. This I will not say it, each station is different, their analysis of the statistics in the visit of the key words on the line.

content page to achieve the ultimate optimization

first of all, of course, to have the original article, it is necessary to do fine and simple, the article not only to fine, but also to jane. The original article is easier to obtain the search engine ranking; the second is to have a good title, good title is the description of the core, play the key role, attractive title, but also remind users to click on the title to desire, but also contains the key words, more useful search engine promotion; and the keyword density should be reasonable, do not appear appropriate, in order to increase keyword density and wanton add keywords, can give the appropriate keyword link point, search engine to give these words related to the weight in the judgement of the correlation.

Optimization of

content optimization should pay attention to three points: 1, beginning to the past, to attract users to better watch it, and then summed up in a strong end. 2, the paper should be concise, not in length, and increase the number of words, the content is too long, not to let the user more mind reading, the 800 words, try to use the paging line, allowing users to see more comfortable, 3 visual content can reflect the essence of knowledge, let the user can learn from what. Feel what, rather than see not what feelings.

can not make money at the expense of the user experience

advertising try not to affect the user experience, advertising is not necessarily high hit rate. In the user can accept

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