All dry cargo New opportunities in Yu Yongfu’s eyes artificial intelligence


announced after the merger of Ali UC, Yu Yongfu maintained a high frequency appearances for some time. In yesterday’s innovative mobile Internet Conference, Yu Yongfu also spoke, in the "crossover" speech, he first analyzed three standard crossover, is preparing to enter the market to a large, slow development, profit is thick enough.

in the field of mobile Internet, UC is the extension of cross-border search business from the mobile phone to the mobile browser, which is a new opportunity to search yuyongfu throughout the Internet from the PC to the mobile migration fancy. In the end of the speech, Yu Yongfu also by the end of last year’s evaluation of Baidu’s 91 wireless integration, that is basically the death of the 91".

After the

speech, Yu Yongfu accepted an interview with the media, such as the state of entrepreneurship, from the changes after the introduction of Ali talked about sharing his recent thinking on the domestic Internet and see opportunities. The following contents are arranged according to the interview.

integration is also a kind of ability to grow

Yu Yongfu: first, the integration must take a step by step, I have a basic principle is to increase the value of the second degree is more important. What is the most lacking in Internet Co?. Because of your lack of time, so it is impossible to ask each person to become the all rounder; in the age of the Internet from the leader perspective, what is the pursuit of the talented person is?. Then, the pursuit of your team is the all rounder, is inside the barrel theory, team ability. So from the point of view of the group team, I have an important experience, what kind of team to long-term development, it is important to complement each other.

is the integration of the mentality, you have to let the other side to come here, is to report to you, or with your partner. Why do I think Ma to understand human nature? Because not to report the yongfu.

Chinese companies with global enterprises in the development of a very bad thing is that Chinese companies have not been integrated as one of their ability to grow, this is a pity. The United States is integrated in the enterprise integration and are very mature, it can become a growth ability of enterprises, they have seldom heard of failure, or large-scale integration and integration of the object to be integrated directly to the object have a huge contradiction. Integration must be integrated from the integration of the company, the integration of technology, as the whole Chinese Internet companies to grow.

in turn in the integration of this matter, in the past few years, what I fear? The two whole Chinese into merger integration funds are billions of dollars, if after billions of dollars are large-scale integration failure, the consequences are no longer willing to spend money or integration. This will be very detrimental to the entrepreneurial environment, will cause problems.

god horse search and Ali combined with new opportunities: data

Yu Yongfu: Ali which resources are conducive to the development of god horse search business, the core is the perspective of data resources. I want to start with the big

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