Talking about how to move from SEO to electricity supplier

from the beginning of contact with Google, recognize the charm of the Internet, when my colleagues made fun of me, the frequency of using Google more than 50 times a day. Yes, Google makes me very excited, suddenly find the stuff that only need to input a few simple words, just a few seconds, the relevant information appears in front of you, you can quickly find what you want, save a large number of previous data query time. The brain has not sequela is used to remember, what need to find, now most of the netizens should be with me.

as an electronic engineer, did not expect the network will become my future career, starting from a simple web site, learning table, div, css… , in order to have the site traffic, know SEO, learning seo. And students to sell software, let me earn money from the Internet, tasted the sweetness of the network. Unfortunately, not every day is Sunday, later partners because tired all day in front of the computer, monotonous repetitive work, insist to leave, I can understand this, for me daily updates, the chain, keyword analysis, traffic monitoring, I am also very disgusted, they also do technical support, at any time to solve customer problems. Daily to keep his three acres divided field, the workload is not big, but very limited time. Partners to leave, let me lost in a moment, I do not know what to do. Because the aversion to the computer, I made a very impulsive move, I want to open a physical store, I want to completely out of the internet. Store sales of products is that I don’t know, I have to start learning, which is a major reason for my failure, you should not cross too large, less than 4 months of operating the shop, although failure, but let me aware of my own shortcomings, I lack of experience in sales, I can hard-working distribute leaflets to do publicity, find a venue to engage in activities, but they don’t know how to leave the customer, achieve sales objective.

recognize their own shortcomings, I will try to make up for. I’m looking for a job that gives me the opportunity to learn from a team. To the company, the boss just began to engage in e-commerce, Taobao store opened less than a year, the company has no network, the company’s overall network sales experience are inadequate, and even a company doing optimization of the official website are not, my heart is very high, the company is simply a zero based e-commerce company, I can be here to copy from the planning, marketing aspects of the details of the rules learned first hand experience. I am looking forward to build this team as soon as possible, but the marketing personnel in and out of several call, hope in a year’s time, I lost, I still repeat in doing their own work has previously been done, no need to learn their skills. When I started looking for a job, my family said a very understanding of network marketing, all aspects are very strong, how to go to work, they have done. Perhaps for the boss, I hope everyone can do everything, but everyone’s ability is limited, we have to work

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