Do a little touch catering industry ten vertical O2O entrepreneurship can be the starting point

The concept of

O2O fire for one or two years, though this venture a grasp of a lot, especially some investors should be fully understood, received 10 copies of a business plan which is estimated to be 5 copies of O2O label is marked, but I horse seems, at present whether the user or business, not is to meet the needs of there are many, many opportunities.

this article sorted out 10 O2O entrepreneurial entry point for entrepreneurs to pay attention to O2O opportunities.


one, do vertical, do not block the giant road integrated platform

to do a comprehensive O2O platform, will certainly not like to spend hundreds of dollars to buy a template and then talk about a few businesses can be as simple as the line, it needs to have many aspects of the foundation. There is enough money and technical strength that is needless to say, in addition may also need to have the following conditions:

1, user base: in order to do a comprehensive O2O platform, if there is no user base, it must be ready to burn a lot of money;

2, business resources or to push force: if there is no ready-made business resources, although you can build a huge BD team to achieve, but also to burn a lot of money;

3, means of payment: payment instruments is particularly important for large platforms with its own third party, one or more than Taobao’s cash flow control if not for its own nature is not a small risk, this gold mine O2O big data in addition to many people’s fantasies, to dig deeper into this basically. Is a prerequisite for


4, map: on this point is not necessarily necessary, but it will naturally be more competitive, because the map is one of the O2O entrance.

from these points of view, to do a comprehensive O2O platform, basically only Tencent, Taobao and other giants in order to have some hope. And for entrepreneurs in general, for the time being, do not say other conditions, the user and the business of these two aspects, in the end is the first chicken or egg problem will be enough to make you headache.

so, for the average entrepreneur, try not to try to block the giants of the road, choose a vertical industry, make the giants can not reach the depth.


two, little touch catering, a small industry

2012 national restaurant market size of more than 2 trillion, is a piece of life inside the largest service industry, which also led to the dining O2O is undoubtedly the most intense competition in an area, including many giants, everyone staring at the main dining, but for the funds and resources for the general strength of the entrepreneurial team I suggest try to avoid food O2O.

first, the competition is needless to say, the main business of public comment is catering, Tencent (Q>)

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