Li Shubin FuPan vertical electricity supplier low sales inventory is autonarcosis

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entrepreneurship is a difficult trek, as can predict in advance the way possible trap and fork, the higher the probability of success. Therefore, compared to those who have almost perfect packaging success model, entrepreneurs are also eager to get a mirror from their own entrepreneurial dilemma similar to.

venture enlightenment is the depth of Tencent technology in the second half of 2013 report column. The contents of the Internet in recent years, including the most well-known start-up companies, stories and characters about the real experience of Internet entrepreneurs to share the experience and reflection.

we are doing, is speculative and checking the Internet business case of Chinese from multiple angles, business sense summarizes the most shocking truth based on naked entrepreneurship.

Wang Kexin technology Tencent reported on December 16th

people are happy to buy electricity supplier is not unfamiliar shoes. In particular, two years ago, in the capital boost, in order to buy good music, music Amoy represented a strong vertical electricity supplier.

2010, 2011 is the golden period of vertical electricity supplier capital, a large number of vertical electricity supplier financing, advertising, mapping a bustling scene. However, since the second half of 2011, the vertical electricity supplier collective winter, in the capital cooling environment, footwear vertical electricity supplier seems to fade out of sight.

what are you doing after everything is cool?

music Amoy experienced the two transformation – from the footwear B2C transformation class own brand, and then transition to customized platform. Good music to buy in the internal adjustment, re positioning.

in the past, capital hot, holding large sums of money, almost vertical electricity providers have a dream platform — the pursuit of scale, sales, but ignore the retail core stock, sold out sold out rate, turnover rate.

good music to buy CEO Li Shubin summary of the past there are three main points: first, focus, shrink category, re positioning. The two is to pay attention to inventory, sold out rate and turnover rate of life and death. Three is to grasp the rhythm, too fast is not a good thing".

focus: product line shrinkage positioning high-end

Li Shubin admitted that the past two years to buy a lot of good music reflection, the first reflection is focused".

in the past, good music to buy and not too many significant label website positioning "shoe", and no people, price band segment positioning, Everything is contained therein. Li Shubin also had thought, and even may start selling shoes, gradually expanded to other categories, such as Jingdong, and even do self category.

"at that time the vast majority of companies, the pursuit of the goal is too large, including us. Everyone wants to start from that field, become a whole category of a company. Everyone holding a large tens of millions of dollars, ten million dollars but also take the first Jingdong. So everyone thought I had a chance, ‘maybe the Jingdong made a mistake.’

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