Domestic App users will be forced to pay too low


Asia Pacific iOS average download revenue


China’s ten largest App developer Sina Technology Zhang Nan (micro-blog)

of the iOS market, China APP downloads ranking second in the world, but the income only ranks eighth in the world, the average income Chinese downloads only $0.03, $0.28 is the user of 1/10, or even only half of vietnam.

July 6th, the United States well-known mobile data monitoring agency App Annie mobile Internet innovation conference announced in this group of data to uncover the reality of the China Mobile Internet industry and helpless.

China’s ten largest developer of revenue from overseas


side is booming mobile Internet industry, one side is a meager income. A lot of domestic application developers know that Chinese users will be very low willingness to pay, so they simply made free, rely on advertising revenue." App Annie business director Yu Junde said.

in the top 10 issuers of iOS revenue, China’s contribution to revenue is only about 1.53%, even the world’s largest iOS development company in China is also difficult to generate revenue.

App Annie also disclosed for the first time China iOS income ranked the top 10 distributors, all of them are engaged in game development companies, namely LV1, HappyLatte, Burson Marsteller interactive, Pinldea, Haypi, all games, games, Tap4Fun, Hu Levin iFree Studio and rock interaction.

developers are difficult to obtain income from the domestic, in the first quarter, China’s ten largest developer of the total revenue from overseas 90%." Yu Junde said that the best domestic developers have realized that the market is not in the country, but in the world, they will only see China as a part of the world, focus on China, rather than focus on china."

Innovation workshop founding partner Wang Hua said that the domestic iOS game is difficult to do is subject to the constraints of Apple’s billing settings. According to Apple’s request, the minimum amount of each payment is $0.99 or $6, while the minimum growth gradient is $0.99.

this means that the user can only pay 6 yuan, the amount of these habits are usually less than $12, while the $1, $10 this figure is more accustomed to domestic users.

however, Wang Hua optimistic about the growth prospects of iOS games. "The domestic game player has been previously web games and game client education many times, the user capacity is quite good, the money earned overseas now looks better, in fact the future domestic user’s potential ability to pay is very high."


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