To do a vertical search action should be a little faster

In March 23, 2007, in an exclusive interview with the Silicon Valley power, snooping network (Shenzhen) Co. chairman and CEO Zhang Xiaofei said that the current search area has just started, especially the vertical search, there is a great space. So he suggested that you want to enter this line of business: to do vertical search, then the action should be a little faster."

"I think the search field has just started, especially the vertical search. As the saying goes, there are 360 lines, each of the 1 row can do a vertical search. For example, home appliances, building materials, home, health and so on, you can even do more in-depth search in the field of finer." Zhang Xiaofei is very optimistic about the prospects of vertical search, but he also pointed out that the difficulty of vertical search is still very large, the first to be more familiar with the industry, and then can do more.

"when the vertical users after the user up can have multiple choices, vertical search and vertical portals should be combined with each other." Zhang Xiaofei said. He also stressed that the search is to meet the user’s search request, as long as the requirements on the line, the individual website said he is the first of several generation of search engines, "actually is no sense of what.