Entrepreneurship investment circle winter approaching How to see bigwigs


after the first day of National Day holiday, 800+ entrepreneurs flocked to the Nanshan District Venture Park in 3W coffee. The Chinese angel will host, entrepreneur, 3W media, 3W coffee, 3W innovation incubator with top investors in Shenzhen entrepreneurs exchange "to China chairman Xu Xiaoping angel, director Yang Xiangyang, Zeng Liqing, Cai Wensheng, He Boquan, Ni Zhengdong, Bao fan star investor, on the Internet, mobile Internet bubble value and near the singularity and other topics, and business communication.

Xu Xiaoping: the entrepreneur’s genes are important!

what is the entrepreneurial gene, the concept is very important. When I was in college I worked for five years consulting professional students, from learning problems, to campus activities, I told them in the past five years, in this moment I give myself a heart that I just do the student counseling, I do the education development consulting and education development is the ultimate law what is the business?. So this is my gene.

I had invested in a young man, he was not handsome, speak not agile, doing bars, clothing store, again and again to ask me for money, I can give him every time, because I was attracted by his deep understanding of street culture, love is incomparable to this cause, let his genes have a strong attraction. Now, his community continues to expand, which has nothing to do with the bubble, but he did not do the same thing from the first day from others.

package where: "winter will come, to be ready"

why do I think the winter will come? Give us a lot of financial knowledge. Next year the United States will enter a cycle of interest rates, interest rates will rise. This means that asset prices fall, from the beginning of the bond to the stock market, there will be a major adjustment next year. When the two level of the public market is adjusted, it will return to the primary market. Because once the two market is bad, a lot of IPO on it, it will not buy a small company, so many companies can not quit, there is no way out of money to vote. The capital market is a very rational thing, you better fundamentals, or a relationship between supply and demand, when the supply of capital markets will reduce the impact of development.

first, for Entrepreneurs:

first, a child to be used as three. For example, you may be able to do ten things, eight things today, true to the winter time may only do three things, you have a choice, because the only choice after you know what money is the flower, which is not supposed to spend money.

second, manage your cash flow. Because you are likely to spend more time in the winter than you thought, you may be in this time a few days to melt into the money, but in the winter time may not be able to melt money for a long time. So be sure to manage your cash flow.

third, to make full cash preparation. The same principle