Mom analysis of the status quo of Amoy domestic trouble and foreign invasion in Ali

straight into the topic, saying: Mom Amoy is not optimistic, unless the official really solve some problems.

, all

1, promotion problems. How many guest for the promotion of breakthrough is very confused, this is a personal problem, do not see more elaborate, Ali mother forum will help.

2, Amoy competition. This cake is so big mom, every day there will be a new guest to join, like crazy ant prey, the daily competition intensified.

3, a. Just want to name the guest host, but now Ali mother links throughout the network, each website forum, blog, e-mail, QQ, wangwang…… Wherever there are guest promotion links, do as mice do to avoid Voices of discontent. See, a few days ago, the QQ MM links have been blocked, but also can come back, do not know is not the official agreement between doing business because they also want to pat, send you the link is from others pocket catch candy.

two, worry:

1, missing list. The most serious problem, repeated, more than a week of this situation, gourd doll also do not have to come out to explain, this is the technical staff and senior can solve. Think about your efforts to promote the success of the 10 transactions, but only got a 5 commission, the other? If the owner did not miss a single word, then the Commission where?

2, link lost. Also repeatedly, said only on the evening of 22 appeared, has been repaired, but the fact that there are a few days, I personally survey, this loss is not a person I said, a tango, everybody said the loss, if Ali Mama official blindly said repair, it is make people wonder whether after the way to go. Imagine you promote 100 links a day, only 50 to the designated store, your efforts greatly reduced, coupled with a single income basically reduced to $1/4.


, black. Mom recently there have been some shopkeepers reflect repeated commissions to avoid the shelves shelves, that I was very clear, what I have is not about several, I promote your shop, I have a black list of their own.

though, but the guest is promising, especially the recent Ali mother forum gourd and the performance of the new store list and popular keywords, the guest is very helpful. I hope mom to give you some hope for the early release of the guest background statistics function.

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