The Witch of the pawnshop Wang Dong engaged in food for fourteen years three innovation

review "witch’s pawnshop" Wang Dong engaged in the catering industry for fourteen years, worked in Yulin, Roasted Duck jiutouniao, dumpling king. Today, the direction of food has changed, we must change. Culture is not simply a reflection of the idea, but also the accumulation of a population behavior habits. When returning to the old child to 00, Wang Dong choose a life full of fairy tale flavor.


so many years he has been in the society at that time the spire of catering enterprises, the way they witnessed the rise and fall. From the Oriental Dumpling King, Yulin jiutouniao to Roasted Duck, Wang Dong experienced three innovation Chinese catering industry and the transformation from the restaurant to the climax, establish a brand, to seek the upgrade process of brand is reflected Chinese macro economic tide in catering economy. Chinese food chain Empire dream in his eyes is meaningless, because the market changes will change the operating pattern of food and beverage, and the trend is undoubtedly the most sensible choice.

from these three conditions, one is the current food and beverage industry is facing obstacles, the so-called change is the second, the future is the face of the user after the first 85, after 90 or even after the crowd of 00 people in the world, the next one is the. 70 after the consumption has been particularly rational, will not follow the trend of fashion trends to go, but this group may be marginalized, after 90 and 00 will become the main. This means that the consumption of the soil has changed, as previously acidic soil and now become an alkaline soil. And if you can grow crops in alkaline soil that is your ability. Only to keep pace with the times, innovation, to make the brand stand in an invincible position.

first change: Wang Xian

glorious and resplendent dumplings

Wang Dong into the East Dumpling King, the king of the East dumpling is a special store in the northeast. In 1998, in 1999, when Wang Dong made the first catering business is the king of the East dumplings. In the East Dumpling King, Wang Dong faced the first change to the enterprise, the change is also facing a challenge. Because in 1998, 1999, the biggest temptation is a catering business, even if you do only two stores, four stores, store has a slogan is what we want to do Chinese KFC and McDonald’s. At that time, there were a large number of experts and scholars in Taiwan to do business culture in china. At that time, the king of the King spent three million dumplings, the country’s most effective experts to do a full range of system floor work, including the concept of decoration, VI, CIS, such as a full range of operating system landing. A small restaurant to restaurant chain business model change, itself is a challenge, because it requires not only the cost, also need to subvert the traditional family style dining concept, western restaurant management way to introduce a large number of restaurants.

Wang Dong from 1998 began to enter the food and beverage industry. He himself is a Russian professional, after graduating from college in 1992 to enter the foreign trade industry, then trade with Russia is very prosperous. In 1998 he began to test MBA, is the first batch of students enrolled in MBA. After a period of study, I feel a lot of state-owned enterprises >

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