The strongest business model the premise of the site profitability

What is the strongest

business model, not too high, nor too hypocritical, as long as a simple sentence, it is already out of expert Liu Ren once said: the world’s most strong business model is to sell cigarettes at the door, 3 yuan purchase, 3.5 yuan of sales.

‘s interpretation of the strongest business model

have this sentence can be seen, whether cigarettes sell well, is the emphasis on selling cigarettes. In front of the door, at the door, the school, or small, densely populated areas, or small population density, which is critical. Have a friend put cigarette stand all day, business was so bad that bend the brows, less than a month on the income of the tobacco stalls, to survive. China smoking population, a huge potential market, this big cake two person, also handle. There is only one reason why his stall is so short that he is not in the right place. In a small alley very narrow and short, the flow of people rarely. Although he also hung a light box on the outside of the wall. A large market, the corresponding marketing tools, a strong business model, due to the relationship between the flow, and finally all lose. Therefore, the traffic can not be overlooked.

for the Internet to make money:

thus China internet. Some people have a keen eye, occupying a very small number of people involved in the prospects of the field, that is, the popularity of the "blue ocean"". Some people put all their efforts on the study of the profit model, eager to find a suitable for their own cash flow patterns. Some people will focus on how to launch their own, all over the sky advertising. A few people in an honest do, too observant of conventional standards. one step at a time. Can not say who is right and who is not correct, we have their own ideas, have their own way of doing things. Each approach can be established in their own advantages. Essentially, the number has a large number of users is the basis of all left users, market, business model, marketing, technology, like castles in the air.

loyal users do not mean large traffic. Some netizens said, not only through the search engine together is the flow of iron flow, although the extreme point, but also explains some of the concepts of loyal users. Why loyal users? Two points: first, the site’s products are excellent, can well meet the needs of users, Google is a typical. The search service to gather a large number of loyal users, the resulting Google unique culture. But Google has only one, it’s no match for the field of technology. Two, the use of the exchange of human instinct, stick to the user. Chinese Internet users use the most software, in addition to the windows operating system, the number of QQ. Tencent fire, although many people have reservations about the Tencent, but does not affect him earning large quantities of gold each day.

in addition to instant messaging tools, the community provides an alternative way to meet the user’s communication instinct. A well functioning community, community members are more likely to establish a trust relationship, which is very helpful to increase website stickiness, expand >

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