Google new service offers ads on 404 pages

the majority of GGAD publishers blessed. Beijing on August 31st news, according to foreign media reports, for webmasters, Web links change, users get "Error 404 page" cold-shoulder treatment is often the case. The day before, the United States Google launched a tool, can be in the wrong page gives a most relevant links, and a smart search box.

Google provides a window based on Javascript. In the future, Internet users access to specific sites, encountered "404" when the error (that is, "check this web page"). Google this window will be listed on a web page content and "missing" the most relevant web page.

Google will also provide access to a number of Web site options. In addition, the error will be displayed on the page to show a Google search box, where the key word has been automatically filled, and missing pages related.

obviously, through this service, the site administrator can eliminate the "eat cold-shoulder treatment" netizens disappointment, at the same time, Google can be placed through the free web search box, get more search traffic. This can be counted as a win-win cooperation.


site uses this service to register for a free Google administrator account, with a "404 page" option on the tools menu.


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