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Flipboard design director: product experience should be immersed in fluid two years ago, Flipboard’s release has caused a sensation in the technology sector, known as the revolutionary news applications on iPad. Subsequently, although there are a lot of imitators, but did not affect the Flipboard good momentum of development. Flipboard downloads in the world has been more than 8 million 400 thousand, in the iPad version, the company also launched a iPhone version, Android version also started beta. In December last year, Flipboard also released a Chinese version to enter china. The success of the Flipboard, in addition to the status of social media pioneer, but also inseparable from its excellent design.

recently, Mashable website interviewed Flipboard design director Marcos Weskamp.

Marcos Weskamp from March 2010 began as Flipboard design director. Prior to this, he was two and a half years working at Adobe, one of the works most proud of is the "Encyclopedia of life" (Encyclopedia of Life) vision, it is a species including 1 million 800 thousand visual map, can touch interactive.

Marcos Weskamp is a magazine enthusiast. What he likes most about magazines is that every page has a special purpose. "I like the flow of each story very much, and when you look at each page, your eyes are constantly shifting between headlines, pictures, references and articles. In the world of magazines, each page is a small part of the big picture, each trying to get you to read the story. You can easily browse the magazine, when you find something interesting, immersed in it. I really like that feeling. I think that’s what we’ve lost on the internet".

therefore, while providing the best content, Flipboard also provides an immersive and smooth experience, like reading magazines. "At Flipboard, we encourage the reader to do only one thing:. Open the application, start turning. Encourage users to focus on content by minimizing barriers".

Marcos said that he designed the method is, first of all to determine what features to add, and then use the best and most beautiful way to achieve it. This may seem simple, but the real design is a time-consuming process, Marcos’s desk is always filled with a variety of sketches and ideas. Each new design element goes through hundreds of sketches, as well as the design discussion". This discussion will be carried out every week.

Flipboard is always adding functionality, but is always trying to keep the interface and navigation simplistic. "Just focus on"

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