Hyperlink marketing alliance pluslink may close the door

by the webmaster to reflect to the webmaster nets, pluslink hyperlink marketing alliance has been a long time to open the site, the company customer service phone, QQ and a series of contact have been ineffective, the majority of owners Commission did not pay more. Get this message, the webmaster network through the Alliance for the record information to try to contact the alliance, but unfortunately, all the contact information are not linked, so webmaster nets special tips:

alliance alliance marketing alliance is estimated to have run away, please put the webmaster Adsense in time to remove the code, in order to avoid unnecessary losses.


in the majority of the requirements of the webmaster, Adsense network announced the link of the specific link marketing alliance. In order to recover the commission you can recount. How it feels to be a migrant worker

address: Shenzhen City, modern city of Nanshan District (Hua Ting) 6 Building 1 unit 10D




of course, if the hyperlink marketing alliance is only a temporary strategy to adjust the company changes in order to avoid misunderstanding, please contact me, contact QQ:285445.

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