Some novice don’t do the thankless Wangzhuan mode

is a long old Wangzhuan topic, every year there are so many people who brag easily earn millions, every year there are so many people and learning Wangzhuan lead to deception. However, according to the reality of the situation to infer the real through Wangzhuan carefree life of a person is still a minority, and that few people would not often show off, earn hundreds of thousands of people earn mostly selling software or tutorial, easy game like recharge. The author in the network played for so many years, young time wandering to Wangzhuan, hard years almost no money, but now see clearly those who toil live online. What is the toil is you live Wangzhuan? Every day off are not enough to earn living expenses, such fundamental Wangzhuan is a waste of time, not worth to do. The following summary of common network live Wangzhuan toil.

first, Taobao shop to do virtual recharge

now you go to Baidu know Taobao shop, a few seconds someone back to you to recharge or recharge rack; and you search Taobao shop, also found that more than 99% of the answers are included in the game to recharge or not recharge, which illustrates the selling of the two software on Taobao people how crazy. I once had a small shop, opened a month turnover of two or three pens, more time is selling software initiative Coushang talk, get the dumbfounding.

in fact, in such a crazy situation, you also join virtual recharge in the industry, it will have what chance? To know Baidu, the major forum for selling software in every day, what else do virtual recharge really no future.

two, Taobao mass promotion


Taobao is also a guest to toss out, I am convinced that the Tao do make money people have a lot, but by means of sending money Amoy little. Author Ceng Jianguo mass blog posts, comments, about half a month to nothing; so to Ali mother forum around, found that many people were selling mass software, the software function is complete, every day can let you send thousands of stickers, assuming that each with 10 people, ten thousand people see this hypothesis; only 1% people have preferences, there are 100 people, 10% people have 100 people in this trading hypothesis, there are 10 transactions, a transaction commission 5 yuan, it is 50 dollars, buy a few days as long as the software will earn back the money. Many beginners feel very careful pondering on what ah, not wrong, sleepwalk to buy software after the start of mass, or not long after the results toss Commission began to curse Ali mother alliance black list.

In fact,

, now the Tao do so many people, if can be obtained through bulk transactions, then sell software will sell you? In fact, most of the time by sending a message, group of post Tao are destined to become the representative of toil only live, if you are going through the guest make money, do a clean site to their friends and family advocacy, so it is easy to pass through the beginner.

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