The new site of Wang Yang the only Alliance

      union observation reports: only alliance recent action is very large, sponsored by the elite MBA, stationmaster read free server, do effect marketing forum etc.. What kind of a new alliance has done so many gimmicks? Today, we come together to talk about the only alliance.

      the only alliance can attract many eyes, I am afraid that his boss’s name – Wang yang. Yes, she is linktech before CEO. In August 2nd this year, linktech posted notice, including general manager Wang Yang, advertising alliance, technology department, a total of 8 people officially leave, core staff to leave these people only official media. Why did you leave the ocean linktech independent portal? According to her own words, "I feel the work in foreign companies, it (the marketing) and China network marketing on the market a lot of overall demand does not match, so I feel I can develop their own advantages, to become a pioneer of advanced technology in the short board, vaguely also confirms another person’s words: linktech" complacent "," lazy "," just like the Opium Chinese period".

      the sea almost all can take are brought out, the only single system, there are many linktech shadow: smart link, CPS lost the single room, shopping, these linktech features are able to see only in the league, especially the only alliance "to Edinburgh" website, just before linktech seen, and in August 28th to the Tao Tao web interface and shopping now is exactly the same, but also linktech links in the website (see Google page cache).

      in the business model, only the main alliance is e-commerce marketing (CPS), and this link is the same. From the current union of the current advertisers, 100% is CPS advertising, the only one before the CPL (according to the guide billing, that is, CPA) has ended. It is worth noting that there is only a new alliance in the new effect of marketing: CPP, the so-called CPP is a telephone inquiry as a result of marketing. At present, this company has also been doing very much, such as the extension of pushing the ringing.

      media resources, can be sure these people certainly linktech from there with a lot of it, but the specific grasp of what the media also can make nothing of it. According to the only alliance, the only major competitive power is the customer and media resources. At the same time, several recent activities from the point of view, the only alliance is also being courted, foster a number of high-quality sites. Because the effect of marketing, especially CPS, is often a number of individual webmaster can make a large amount of.

      when it comes to dominance, look at what is the advantage of a single alliance. The only thing to say their advantage

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