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A phone call 10 minutes ago.

"you are Wang Yi? I’m Xiao Guo, Guo Dongsheng, teacher Jin Zhongming"

"…… Oh? Oh, a little impressed"

"really feel shy, so many years no see, the first is to borrow money to call you. I am now in Tianjin, my mother came here in hospital, not enough money, I will give the students a call around……"


"two thousand or three thousand, three thousand!"

"I can’t thank you on the Internet, and I’ll give you a message!"

to confirm, I hit the phone to talk with him about the other students.

"Guo, I am Wang Yi, you find the other students?"

"…… Not find a few, Tian Di’s phone seemed to change"

"his number would be"


"mountain nobody answered the phone!"

"Oh, you don’t hit, hit me again reported! There is no mountain in this class!"

> I hit 110.

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