Google Adsense the realm of cheating

      estimated Google Adsense anti cheating team members want to say a word: I hate you most of these cheating publishers, a little technical content are not. Google Adsense is a technology to live, do not think that just get a few pages and then put the code, the check will come to the door.

      even cheating, there are levels of high and low.

      according to the current situation of our observation, according to the level of the Google Adsense cheating can be divided into the following categories:

      1, click on their own

      this is the most ignorant practice, is also the most novice like to take measures. The common means of cheating is to click on their own every day, change the IP click or let friends click.

      this way the worst effect is not to earn what money, if a single point or by myself every day is limited to a few friends to click on ads, your income is over $100, is estimated to be several months. Unfortunately, the account was stopped when it reached the terms of payment because it was too easy to detect, especially through long-term data analysis.

      2, cheating through proxy server

      this is the way to cheat once effective, but also Google Adsense first released by the most cheating, of course, there are a lot of people use, which is obviously cheating method.

      but soon Google Adsense developed a set of methods to analyze through the proxy server click, so if you are still so dry that it is too outdated, but also too dangerous.

      3, encourage click

      there are many ways to encourage click, such as advertising close to the unlimited download link, or use the lure of the picture to mislead users; have some more advanced, such as click advertising to become a registered account or download the software, click on the ads can increase the integral etc.. The use of Chinese spam or SEO traffic to the target site, and cause delays also belong to the type.

      this is less likely to be found as a means of cheating, because the click distribution is not uniform at all

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